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This VM is based on the same code as the original Nextcloud VM. In the same way as our other VMs, this also auto-updates to the latest version upon first boot when running the setup script. This VM made with Microsoft Hyper-V Generation 2 and the file is in .vhdx format for installation on your Windows Server. The file size is around 2-3 GB before it’s extracted. Please check the full setup instructions here.

Production ready: Yes

If you want a custom sized VM, please check this out.

Config when built
Ubuntu Server 22.04 (minimal) LTS 64-bit
Apache 2.4
PostgreSQL 14
Linux Kernel: 5.15
Redis Memcache (latest stable version from PECL)
PHP-igbinary (latest stable version from PECL
PHP-smbclient (latest stable version from PECL)
Nextcloud Server Latest
LDAP (Nextcloud app)
Collabora Online / Onlyoffice
Nextcloud Talk
DATA disk: 40 GB
OS disk: 40 GB

You may want to add our Server Maintenance package to always have the latest security patches and Nextcloud version. Sign up here!

Video instructions:

6 reviews for Nextcloud VM – Microsoft Hyper-V

  1. garzadekoster (verified owner)

    Excellent solution, you covered everything A++

  2. Jim (verified owner)

    This package makes is so simple to get started with a Nextcloud environment (not just Nextcloud). Things like the Webmin and the automatic updates create a great low maintenance solution that won’t fall into something on your network that represents a unpatched security risk. I’ve run on it for two years and am now building another from the manual scripts. But, I wouldn’t have gained the experience I have without the packaged offering that got me started. Thank you!!

  3. Daniel Kehlibarov (verified owner)

    There added value to the standard VM is mildly put… nice.
    I’m only getting started with the HanssonIT Nextcloud VM, but I’m already seeing the benefits.
    The GUI set-up and configuration is very helpful, not to mention there is a detailed documentation to complement it.

  4. Peter Bata

    Installation / Configuration was a breeze. Thank you for making our lives that much easier. Brilliant.

  5. Todd Tucker (verified owner)

    I’ve fumbled with a home based Nextcloud instance in the past and it was a tremendous pain in the rear – within 30 minutes of booting up this VM everything was working perfectly – SMTP, TLS, literally everything – very impressive!!

  6. MATHIEU de VIENNE Hervé (verified owner)

    the install process :
    – “would you like to install ?” => yes
    – “would you like to do *, which is tremendously hard/impossible to do ?” => yes => “ok, done, and tested, working, and we made your cofee.”

    More seriouly, this thing is amazingly easy to use and setup, waaaaaay morth the few bucks it costs.

    Best 24€ spent in a while.

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